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Welcome to

The Orthodox Church of St Nicholas of Japan

156 Fulham Road
Johannesburg, Gauteng
South Africa

We are a parish of the Orthodox Church, under the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria, which traces its history back to AD 65, when St Mark the Evangelist brought the gospel of Jesus Christ to Africa, and planted the Church in Alexandria, Egypt.

You have just found our cyberspace entrance, but we hope that if you are in Gauteng you will find our other entrances as well.

Our services are mostly in English, though we occasionally use Greek, Slavonic, Romanian, Afrikaans and other languages as well. Those who attend the services are South Africans of various ethnic backgrounds (Afrikaans, English, Sotho, Zulu etc), and also of Greek, Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian, Syrian, Lebanese and Ethiopian origin. All are welcome!

You can also find more information on our new parish web page

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Orthros (Matins)

8:30 am on Sundays

Divine Liturgy

9:30 am on Sundays

On other festivals the times of services will be announced. Please contact the parish priest for more details.


6:30 pm on Saturdays

On the eves of great feasts the Vigil (Vespers, Litiya, Orthros) is served.

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Where are we?

Physical address

The church is at 156 Fulham Road, Brixton, Johannesburg, about a block and a half west of the Brixton broadcasting tower, on the hill above the SABC offices in Auckland Park.

Postal Address

The Parish postal address is:

Church of St Nicholas of Japan
PO Box 1148
2109 South Africa

Parish Priest

Our parish priest is Fr Athanasius Akunda

Fr Athanasius Akunda

Tel: 072-834-1524 (cell)

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr Luigi d'Amico
Tel 082-412-8490 (cell)

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More about us

In 1987 a group of Orthodox Christians in South Africa formed the Society of St Nicholas of Japan to promote mission and evangelism among Orthodox Christians, and to make Orthodox Christianity better known to non-Orthodox people. The society invited Fr Chrysostom Frank, a priest who had served in South Africa before, to return as its chaplain, and formed a small worshipping community that used English in the Divine Liturgy. A couple of years later the community was strong enough to become a parish, independent of the society, and, after three years of worshipping in borrowed halls and chapels, bought an old Protestant church building in Brixton, Johannesburg, and converted it for Orthodox use.

The ikons on the ikonostasis were painted by a parishioner, Cathy MacDonald, who also painted many of the ikons on the church walls. Other parishioners have also painted some of the ikons. The music in the services is mainly Slavonic, though with some hymns sung to Byzantine and other melodies.

St Nicholas Parish Patronal Festival 1999
Fr Bert Olechnowicz, Metropolitan Ioannis of Johannesburg and Pretoria, and Fr Petros at the patronal feast of the parish of St Nicholas of Japan, February 1999

Events, news and announcements

Use the Corkboard for events, news, announcements and comments.

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Links to some other Orthodox sites

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Use the corkboard for comments, and also for events, news and announcements relating to Orthodox mission (off-topic announcements will be deleted)

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There are two web forums for Orthodox Christians in Southern Africa:

Orthodox in Southern Africa

Orthodox in Gauteng

Join one (or both, if you live in Gauteng) to make contact with Orthodox Christians in southern Africa. Share news, coming events, questions, problems etc.

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